Six months in Normandy is no year in Provence.

Daniel Williams’ first novel is a playful exploration of words and space, and of presence and absence, both on the page and in the mind of the narrator.

Leaving 1990s London and his Leica behind, a young photographer goes to live in France, already feeling sated by the city and his two obsessions: photography and music. He is also putting distance between himself and Louise, the woman he loves, in a likely ill-conceived attempt to test the strength of the relationship. In Normandy, a derelict cottage awaits him, and there he condemns himself to a minimum of six months’ solitary confinement.

But before long another siren city calls; he is lured away from his hermit-like existence to stay with friends in Paris, and then to go on tour with two up-and-coming indie bands: Solar Plexus and the Faceless Saints. Amid the controlled chaos of life on tour, the photographer meets a woman called Sophie with whom he becomes infatuated. After the tour is over, the attraction leads him to break free of his solitude for a second time, and return to the south of France, hoping to discover that she feels the same way about him.

A visually arresting triptych, written predominantly in striking second person prose, The Edge of the Object is a study of love, music, alienation, and of France through the lens of a Francophile, captured in a sequence of stunning calligrams.

The first original novel to be published by the Half Pint Press, this limited edition consists of three digitally printed, perfect bound books in a handmade case.

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The Edge of the Object By Daniel Williams
Three-volume limited edition with handmade case and ebook
Publication date 1 December 2021 (three-volume edition) and 1 February 2021 (ebook)
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